Tasha Tilberg goes back to nature amid the boho hills of LA. Shot by Dusan Reljin.

It was a stormy morning in LA when we arrived. The sky was dark and the hills soaked green from a rare night of rain. Some of the crew had difficulty making their way up the winding roads that lead from the ocean or the Valley into Topanga. Up there, some of those roads aren’t even paved. Branches and trees lay blown across muddy tracks, and we ran back and forth in rain gear, pushing the occasional equipment truck out of the  mud, wondering when LA was going to return. Dusan was captain of the ship, and stayed magnificently calm, never in any doubt that it would all come together. And then,at 9AM, the storm suddenly cleared. Like, exactly when we intended to get our first shot. It just disappeared. And the gorgeous blue sky lit up across the rich, secret hills of our exclusive country-in-the-city location. Everything aligned for a gorgeous shoot.